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Overhead Garage Door Repair

The overhead garage door is a remarkable piece of technology that has been around almost as long as the garage itself. Of course the overall system has altered somewhat over the years, but the basic concept has remained the same. At Edmonton Garage Door Repair we are intent on providing amiable overhead garage door service to our residential and commercial communities. We are passionate about this technology and we are committed to servicing it better than anyone else in Alberta.

Overhead Garage Door Replacement ServicesOverhead Garage Door Repair

If your business or home is due for overhead garage door replacement services our experts excel at the process. A new facelift may be just what your garage requires to enhance the curb appeal of your location. Whether you are partial to traditional wooden doors or heavy duty steel products our team can help you find the overhead garage door in Edmonton, AB you are look for to exceed your expectations. You can choose the color or design that suits your fancy and our specialists will install it effectively and ensure it is working to standard.

Overhead Opener Repair Service

Our experts provide overhead garage door opener repair service that simply out classes the competition. When most people see an opener they see a box; we see all the necessary components inside that make it work. There are circuit boards, limit switches, gears and a motor. If any of these are the problem we know how to fix it fast.

Overhead Door Repairs

We specialize in all types of overhead garage door repair. We can replace broken springs, bent tracks and cables that have snapped. We will replace hinges, rollers and the opener itself if it proves to be the culprit. Garage Door Repair Edmonton will do what is best for our customers and their garage operation.

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